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AdventureLand is an outdoor multifunctional-educational space for kids and adults without age restrictions. The area covers 13,224.27m² along the Danube riverside near the hotel buildings. AdventureLand is divided into several zones according to age groups, and each zone has its own theme. The main goal of the project is to bring kids closer to village life and our ancestors‘ hard work.


AdventureLand open hours:

AdventureLand is open daily.

  • August 900 – 2000
  • September 1000 – 1900
  • Oktober 1000 – 1800

Buffet opening hours:

  • August 1100 – 1800 daily
  • September 1100 – 1800 (only weekends)
  • Oktober 1100 – 1800 (only weekends)

Current programme