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Cooking as a team is an ideal fun and easy activity that will involve all team members. It helps to boost creativity, organisational skills, it stimulates team spirit and the class ends with a great reward – everyone gets to eat what they cooked. This culinary experience is led by an experienced chef who will guide you through the recipes, share his secret tips and teach you how to work as a team. Cooking classes are also an excellent opportunity for friends or family members who want to improve their cooking technique, gain experience and have fun.

Fiorenzo Ricci

Humility, love and experience are the best ingredients of any meal I prepare and of life itself. For 20 years I have loved my work and I am pleased that I can put into practice all the experience I gained from hotels and restaurants in Italy and abroad.
I worked in many different segments of gastronomy and I was very lucky to cooperate with many experts in their field. For example, I had the honour of working with the best sommelier in the world and numerous other inspiring colleagues. I have used this valuable experience in my own beloved restaurant as a chef.

It’s a craft that, combined with a love for cooking, turns into art.”

My biggest career achievement was my work as a sous chef at the Michelin restaurant Magnolia in Italy. This experience has a strong impact on the philosophy that I apply in my kitchen today – high quality, fresh ingredients, sophisticated processes and techniques with elegant presentation.

Cooking is not the only passion I have, I also adore making irresistible deserts. I cannot wait to share my experience and skills with you.

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