Halloween at Tuli® Cinema

28. 10. 2017

+421 313 262 000

You've never been this scared!

You will be screaming, you will be closing your eyes, wishing you could leave. But you'll stay, because you like suspension and you want to show your partner that you're not scared of anything. Halloween is the right time of the year to prove that nothing can scare you easily or make you run. If you think you have already seen the scariest horror movies, wait for it, because we will be screening Jigsaw and the new version of It. Can you watch both movies during one night? Take it as a challenge. A challenge which is not for everyone, only you.

20:00 Jigsaw (premiere)

22:00 It

Ticket for one movie: 5.50€ per person, 5€ with x-card

Ticket for two movies: 10 € per person, 9€ with x-card.

Get your tickets HERE.

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