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If you’ve already fallen in love with Asian cuisine or you are just about to discover it, APANI® restaurant is the right place for you. Asian specialties prepared from fresh and varied ingredients right in front of your eyes! Come and enjoy traditional Japanese food and beverages that will take you to the most delicate aspects of the country of the rising sun.

Current offer

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Opening hours

APANI® is open daily except for special events. If you are planning to visit, we recommend you book a table in advance.


Monday – Sunday 1130 – 2300



“During my stay in Japan I became familiar with the local specialties and culture of Japanese cuisine. I understood the Japanese way of life and all the experience I gained about Japanese cuisine I like to pass to amateur chefs at my workshops. I believe that today we will become friends for a short time, because everyone who appreciates gastronomic art is my friend,”

Alexander Illeš APANI® chef


The unique á la carte menu of the APANI® restaurant was prepared with respect to both the concept of the restaurant as well as to quality and diversity. Choose for yourself or get advice from our experienced staff.


Nanban zuke – marinated fish pieces with rice and salmon caviar

Hamachi tataki – white tuna steak with sesame, Japanese curry


Miso shiru – delicious tuna broth with tofu, wakame, glass noodles and spring onion

Suimono hotate – fish broth with scallops and spring onion

Main dishes

Gyunikku no Foagura – beef steak with foie gras, shiitake risotto, ume shallot and garlic-ginger sauce

Black burger teriyaki – grilled coriander chicken teriyaki, Cheddar cheese, egg, bacon, Japanese mayonnaise and sweet potato French fries


Mango sticky rice – rice with sweet coconut milk, mango and fruit  

Chocolate cube – chocolate cube with cashew nuts and salty  

Contact and reservations

x-bionic® flavour sphere

+421 313 262 000

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