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Farrier’s Steak House becomes the natural social epicenter of the x-bionic® equestrian sphere and a favorite meeting place for the participants, guests and spectators of mostly riding competitions, but also for the general public.

Opening hours

Farrier’s Steak House is open daily and its capacity is 120 guests.

Monday – Sunday 1000 – 2200

“I love my job. I am very keen in new trends in gastronomy, learning new ways how to prepare my meals using Tuscany stove combined with wood charcoal. The smell of steaks and charcoal is still the best invitation to the table with my friends and precious guests. I’m truly honored to having an opportunity to work with Michelin chefs, but what is the most important for me is a satisfied guest. That is more than all the prestige awards.”

Tomáš Šipoš head chef


The elegant rustic interior features interesting decorative elements and original equipment inspired by the theme of riding (whether in the form of horse-riding saddle seats or spectacular horseshoe lights), but this year-round operation is available to every visitor interested in quality gastronomy and pleasant seating.

In the winter months, the cozy and warm atmosphere is enhanced by the cracking wood in an open fireplace, while in the summer season it is a pleasant place to sit on airy terraces with a nice view of the riding complex.  

However, the kitchen remains a year-round attraction. All grilled dishes are prepared in the original Tuscan oven of the gourmet artist Paolo Parisi, who has been developing it for many years to complete his work to perfection. Unlike other types of grills, there is no temperature fluctuation in the preparation of the food; the grill keeps the optimum constant temperature also thanks to the use of wood charcoal, which results in the unmistakable taste and aroma of the food; we can prepare all kinds of meat and fish, many side dishes and desserts here. There are only three similar furnaces in all of Central Europe.

Origin of the restaurant’s meat

The meat comes from young bulls aged 22 to 24 months with the main ingredient in their feed being maize and grass from pastures. The meat is soft and juicy with a butter flavor due to its maturing by the dry-maturing method, at which moisture and approx. 20% of the meat’s weight are lost. The result is a high concentration of taste. Marbling is an important indicator of slaughter maturity. It increases the total fat content of the meat and is a desired phenomenon because it positively affects the taste, juice, fragility and fragrance. PRIME meat marbling accounts for 15%. In the USA, only 2% of the total production can be referred to as USDA Prime.

 Simmental SVK

The Simental breed is one of the oldest and most widespread breeds in the world. Originally it comes from Switzerland, but it was spread throughout the world. The taste and delicacy of the meat are also highlighted by dry maturing.

Part of the gourmet dining experience at Farrier’s Steak House is its trained staff, who will be happy to help you with the choice of meals. In addition, at Farrier’s Steak House we will be happy to prepare a birthday party, wedding or other social or corporate event.

Contact and reservations

x-bionic® flavour sphere

+421 904 493 822

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