x-bionic® aquatic sphere

Milí návštevníci! Vonkajší 50m bazén v x-bionic® aquatic sphere bude 03.06.2023 a 04.06.2023 OTVORENÝ od 10:00-18:00.



Milí návštevníci, dňa 31.05.2023 bude AdventureLand uzatvorený do 16:00 z prevádzkových dôvodov. Dňa 04.06.2023 v nedeľu, bude uzatvorený z dôvodu konania eventu Spartan race. Ďakujeme za pochopenie.


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Make your loved ones happy and give them a GIFT CARD

Sometimes it is very hard to guess what would make your loved ones happy. Only they know what would make them happy the most. Maybe they want to go for a massage or enjoy wellness after some hard days or they want to take care of their fitness.

Where can you use the GIFT CARD (multipurpose gift voucher)?

  • Restaurants
  • Gym – entries and group exercises
  • Wellness – entries, group exercises, procedures
  • AQUA  – entries
  • Accommodation

You can buy GIFT CARD at any reception in x-bionic® sphere in the amount of 20,00 €, 50,00 €, 100,00 € or a combination of them. It is an ideal gift not only for your loved ones, but also for your employees.

GIFT CARDS are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Gift Vouchers and the General Terms and Conditions of Multipurpose Gift Vouchers.

If you have any questions regarding the GIFT CARD, please email to giftcard@x-bionicsphere.com.