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Save money thanks to our special payment system.

You can use the transferable X-CARD client card instead of your debit or credit card. You can use the card to pay for yourself, your friends or family in our restaurants, bar, water world or gym, and you can even pay for our events with it.
You can register at reception and charge credit at any of the resort’s tills. The more you use it, the more money you save. For every 100 Euros spent, we will give you back 20 Euros as a bonus the following next month.

What can you enjoy at our resort?

x-bionic sphere is full of experiences. Excellent restaurants, numerous opportunities to do sports, relax and have fun. We organize various family and sports events, concerts and unique horse races throughout the year. Become a member of our X-CARD loyalty

How does it work?

  1. Register a new X-CARD online or at any reception (x-bionic® aquatic sphere, x-bionic® wellness sphere, Gym or in x-perience store next to the hotel reception).
  2. Pick up your X-CARD immediately after the registration or during your next visit of the resort.
  3. Charge the card with a credit in any amount and start using it without the need for cash.

The X-CARD issuer is X-BIONIC® SPHERE, a.s.
The events, service availability and information contained in this email were valid at the time of submission and may have changed over time.

Registration and the use of the card are governed by the X-CARD General Terms and Conditions.

Information on X-CARD payments in Tuli®Cinema

Payment with X-CARD in Tuli®Cinema will be available soon. Due to technical issues, i tis currently not possible. We will inform you about its launch.

X-CARD Customer Center

General information on the X-CARD +421 313 262 622

Latest news from x-bionic® sphere

We strive to make you feel the best during your stay. Thet’s why you can always find the latest announcements about news or limitations at x-bionic® sphere.

X-BIONIC® sportswear

At x-bionic® sphere we live through sports. Athletic clothing is important, so we bring you the best from the world of sportswear through brand X-BIONIC®. Visit our e-shop and choose the right equipment for your sport.

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