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Milí návštevníci, od 12-14.06.2023 bude bočné parkovisko (pri aquatic sphere) uzatvorené z dôvodu konania Super finále detského športu. Plne k dispozícii bude hlavné parkovisko priamo pred hotelom. Ďakujeme za pochopenie.


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The x-bionic® wellness sphere is the perfect place for restoring your physical and mental strength after a busy day. You can choose from seven types of saunas – the first Asian sauna in Slovakia, a biosauna, traditional Finnish sauna, a steam room, an infrared sauna, a salt cave or a herbal steam room. There is also an outdoor cooling pool and you can relax in the pleasant atmosphere of the tepidarium, three whirlpools, or the Kneipp bath. Refreshing snacks, a pleasant environment and always-smiling personnel are self-evident.

Current offer

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 400 pm – 1000 pm
Saturday – Sunday 200 pm – 1000 pm
Every first Monday in month CLOSED

Current opening hours 14.4. – 19.4.2022

14.4. thursday 1400 – 2200
15.4. friday 1400 – 2200
16.4. saturday 1400 – 2200
17.4. sunday 1400 – 2200
18.4. monday 1400 – 2200
19.4. tuesday 1400 – 2200

Price list and other information

Entry for 3 hours Cena
Basic entry
Pesonnally at wellness reception
Payment without booking
50,00 €
Hotel entry
Room charge + signature
With/without booking
25,00 €
X-CARD entry
Only with X-CARD
Booking online/payment online Monday-Friday
30,00 €
X-CARD entry
Only with X-CARD
Booking online/payment online Saturday-Sunday from 01.11.2022
35,00 €

Reserve your Wellness on +421 31 326 24 04 or +421 910 101 741

A complete price list with additional services and packages in the x-bionic® wellness sphere can be downloaded below. Please also pay attention to the visitor rules, which guarantee an undisturbed stay for you as well as for other guests. If you have any questions, please contact our staff who will be happy to advise you.

I use wellness for relaxation and overall regeneration after training. Most often, I go to the infra sauna that helps me with back pain as I actively play sports.”

Saša 4bajkerky

Price list of massages

Procedure Length Price
Classic massage  30 minutes 35,00 €
Classic massage 60 minutes 60,00 €
Sports massage 30 minutes 35,00 €
Sports massage 60 minutes 60,00 €
Relaxation massage 90 minutes 80,00 €
Deep tissue back massage 45 minutes 45,00 €
Lava stone massage  60 minutes 60,00 €
Chocolate massage for children  30 minutes 30,00 €
Classical massage for children  30 minutes 30,00 €



Facility and services

At the x-bionic® wellness sphere, you can relax in a variety of ways. Choose what suits you most and really enjoy this moment of relaxation.

  • Finnish, infra, and steam saunas
  • Salt cave and tepidarium
  • 20 types of massages and procedures

Wellness procedures

Thai massage

We invite you to enjoy an exotic treatment by real Thai therapists who will provide you with an unforgettable experience thanks to their art. Experience the true atmosphere of faraway Asia through scents and touch!

Traditional Thai massage

The traditional Thai massage uses the technique of point pressure, yoga elements, and muscle stretching. The effectively used rhythmic movements reduce muscle tension and stress. This type of massage stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation, increases energy and vitality, improves the movement of the muscles and joints, improves breathing and body posture, and treats chronic joint and muscle problems.

Massage oils and balms are not used during the massage; the customer wears comfortable clothing made of a natural material. The therapist works with the whole body, using hands, elbows, knees, and feet to remove blocks in the energy paths of the body and to return the customer’s organism to a state of harmony.

When the traditional Thai massage is suitable:

  • if you have back and muscle pain,
  • if you are stressed, either from business or personal reasons,
  • if you can not effectively relax,
  • if you play a variety of sports, or if you are otherwise physically strained.
Price for 60 min. Price for 90 min.
Traditional Thai massage 77 € 89 €

Aromatherapeutic oil massage

Oil massage is very popular; customers like it because it is a pleasant and relaxing aromatherapy procedure that is lighter and more rhythmic than the classic Thai massage. It combines the healing effects of touch and smell with wonderful oriental oil aromas. The massage therapist uses friction and acupressure to sensitively relax your body and mind. With this form of relaxation, you will gradually leave behind the worries of the day as you relax and gain energy for a new day. The oil massage with natural oils releases muscle tension and ensures you a pleasant sense of relaxation, perfectly moisturizes and rejuvenates your skin, maintains the body in balance, and has overall rejuvenating effects on the body.

Price for 60 min. Price for 90 min.
Aromatherapeutic oil massage 79 € 93 €

Thai herbal massage

The Thai herbal massage is a warm herbal massage that combines the traditional Thai massage with the addition of warm herbal bags pressed to the body’s energy centers. The herbal bags contain a blend of rare Thai herbs and aromatics in cotton, which include active substances that are activated after heating them over steam. Warm cotton bags are pressed against the skin along the meridians, whereby relaxing and healing active substances (with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiseptic effects) are released into the muscles through the pores opened by warmth.

The therapist’s targeted pressure onto acupressure points promotes energy exchange and balance in the body, relieves the body, eliminate blockages, stiffness and inflammation of the muscles and joints, enhances the flow of blood and lymph vessels in the body and skin, restores health and well-being, relieves pain and stress, further helping to eliminate headaches, and migraines, and calms the nervous system. Overall, the flow of energy in the meridians and the natural energy level of the body increases.

Undoubtedly, the warm herbal massage is therefore best for the treatment of stiff, painful, and sore muscles and ligaments, back pain, rheumatic pain, disorders of the internal organs, skin diseases, migraines, fatigue syndrome, chronic stress, and various forms of neuroses. It has enhancing, relaxing, and stimulating effects on the body and mind.

Price for 90 min.
Thai herbal massage 96 €

Thai back massage

The back and neck oil massage is a very popular Thai massage focused on the most stressed, stiff and painful parts of the body, such as the back and neck, the buttocks, the lower back and pelvis, muscles, and tendons, especially if they hurt from sedentary employment and lack of movement. This intense, deep tissue massage includes acupressure techniques that effectively relieve muscle tension, eliminate energy blockages, increase body flexibility, remove headaches and cervical spine pain, and provide relief from chronic pain, fatigue, and stress. We highly recommend this massage to our customers.

Price for 30 min. Price for 60 min. Price for 90 min.
Thai Back 39 € 75 € 90 €

In seventh heaven

A very popular Thai massage focused on the most stressed, stiff and painful parts of the body, such as the back and neck, the buttocks, the lower back and pelvis, muscles, and tendons without the use of oil.

Price for 30 min. Price for 60 min. Price for 90 min.
In seventh heaven 37 € 73 € 88 €

Deep tissue sports massage

A special type of massage adapted for athletes and people with high physical performance. This massage is focused on specific muscles that are shortened or overloaded. It works not only with the surface muscles, but also with the deeper stabilizing muscle system.

Price for 60 min. Price for 90 min.
Deep tissue sports massage 79 € 93 €

Four-hand oil massage

Give your body and soul the luxury of a four-hand massage by two professional therapists who will pamper your body with harmonious movements of the hands and use of fragrant massage oils. This procedure is an excellent choice for those who want to ensure maximum care and attention.

Price for 60 min. Price for 90 min.
Four-hand oil massage 85 € 105 €

Reflexology massage of the hands and feet

JThis is an amazing acupressure procedure that stimulates the reflex points of the feet that correspond to the individual internal organs of the body, thereby harmonizing and supporting the activity of these organs. Thai Reflexology Massage includes a relaxing shin massage, stretching, and massage of the meridian pathways and nerve endings on the feet. The foot massage works not only on the legs, but reflexively on the entire human organism.

The Thai reflexology massage of feet reduces pain of the muscles, joints, and tendons, back, neck, muscle, and head pain, improves blood circulation in the lower limbs, promotes the overall lymphatic system and metabolism, detoxifies and rejuvenates the body, strengthens the whole body, restores the immune system, reduces the stiffness of the feet and legs, improves their flexibility, relieves the feeling of heavy and tired feet, and eliminates stress and mental fatigue.

Price for 30 min. Price for 60 min.
Reflexology massage 38 € 72 €

Gravi mom massage

A special massage for expectant mothers that relieves back and leg pain, removes nausea, strengthens the spinal muscles, promotes better sleep, relieves joint, helps to prevent stretch marks, and helps to activate the creation of endorphins. It is performed either in a lying position on the back or on the side or in a Turkish sitting position depending on the stage of pregnancy. The effects of this massage are excellent not only for the expectant mother, but also for her baby.

Price for 30 min. Price for 60 min.
Gravi mom massage 40 € 76 €

Coconut peeling and whole body massage

The peeling massage is a combination of a 30-minute body peeling and 30 or 60-minute aromatherapy oil massage. Peeling activates the microcirculation of the subcutaneous system and detoxifies the skin, cleanses the pores of the skin by removing dead cells from the skin, and returns the skin to a youthful and fresh look. This kind of Thai massage promotes the breathing of the skin and leaves it soft and smooth.

Price for 60 min. Price for 90 min.
Coconut peeling and massage 80 € 98 €


Enjoy some of our massage or full-body treatments. Certified SPA therapists will take care to ensure your absolute comfort.

Types of massages:

  • Classic massage
  • Sports massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Deep tissue back massage
  • Lava stone massage
  • Chocolate massage for children
  • Classical massage for children
Contact and reservation

+ 421 313 262 404

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