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Thai massage

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We invite you to enjoy traditional exotic procedures performed by authentic Thai therapists that guarantee an unforgettable experience. Relish the true Asian atmosphere through scent and touch.

Traditional thai massage

It combines pressure points, yoga elements and muscle stretching. Applied rhythmic movements effectively reduce muscle tension and stress. This type of massage improves lymph and blood circulation, increases energy and vitality, improves muscle and joint mobility, improves breathing and posture of the whole body, and heals chronic problems of joints and muscles.

Thai back massage

An oil massage focused on overloaded muscles and painful body parts, such as the back, neck, sciatic area, the area surrounding the sacrum and pelvis, and muscles and tendons affected by sedentary jobs and lack of movement. This massage includes acupressure techniques that effectively release muscle tension, remove energy blockages, increase body flexibility, remove headaches and cervical spine pain, and provide relief from chronic pain, fatigue and stress.

Aromatherapeuty oil massage

Oil massage is a very pleasant and relaxing aromatherapy procedure and an easier, more rhythmical version of Thai massage. The therapist uses friction and acupressure to sensitively relax your body and mind. Oil massage using natural oils releases muscle tension and is pleasantly relaxing, giving you hydrated skin and overall body rejuvenating effects.

Prenatal massage

A special massage for expectant mothers that relieves back and leg pain, removes nausea, strengthens spinal muscles, promotes good sleep, relieves joints, helps to prevent stretch marks and helps to activate the formation of happiness hormones. It is performed either in the back or side position, or in the Turkish sitting position, depending on the expectant mother’s stage of pregnancy. The effects of this massage are excellent not only for the expectant mother but also for her baby.

Coconut peeling and whole body massage

A peeling massage is a combination of 30 minute body peeling and 30 or 60 minute aromatherapy oil massage. Peeling activates the microcirculation of the subcutaneous system and detoxifies the skin, cleanses the skin pores by removing dead skin cells, and ensures a rejuvenated, refreshed appearance of the skin. This kind of Thai massage encourages the skin to breathe and makes your skin feel soft and lifted.

Hands and feet reflexology massage

An amazing acupressure procedure stimulating reflex points on the feet corresponding to particular internal organs and thus harmonising and supporting the activity of these organs.

Thai herbal massage

This is a hot herbal massage combining traditional Thai massage techniques with application of hot herbal pouches on the body’s energy centres. Herbal cotton pouches contain a compressed mixture of Thai herbs and aromatic substances. Their active ingredients are released when in contact with steam.

Pricelist for massages

A complete price list with additional services and packages at x-bionic® wellness sphere can be downloaded below. Please pay attention to the visitor rules, which guarantee an undisturbed stay for you as well as for other guests. If you have any questions, please contact our staff who will be happy to advise you.

In seventh heaven

A very popular Thai massage focused on overloaded, stiff muscles and painful body parts such as the back, neck, sciatic area and the area surrounding the sacrum and pelvis, muscles and tendons without using oil.

Price for 30 min. Price for 60 min. Price for 90 min.
In seventh heaven € 37 € 73 € 88

Deep tissue sport massage

A special type of massage adapted for athletes and people with high physical performance. It’s a massage focused on specific muscles that are shortened or overloaded. It works not only with surface muscles but also with the deep stabilizing muscular system.

Price for 60 min. Price for 90 min.
Deep tissue sport massage € 65 € 75

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