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Our gym is one of the most advanced and best-equipped fitness centers in Slovakia. It is divided into strength and cardio zones, and thanks to the possibility of group training offers truly unlimited possibilities for everyone.

Current offer

Don’t worry about figuring out your own program or planning activities. Take a look at our offer of sports and leisure activities or accommodation packages.

Opening hours

The Gym is open daily except for special events.

Monday – Friday 6.00 am – 9.00 pm
Saturday, Sunday, holidays 7.00 am – 8.00 pm

Price list

You can download the complete price list below.

Entry Type of entry Price
Adult older than 15 years Single entry 6 €
Adult older than 15 years Training with a trainer from 16 €
Group exercise entry Single entry from 8 €

Pay with your X-CARD and get extra credit.

For every €100 you spend you’ll get an extra €20 at the beginning of the following month.


“I was and I still am pleasantly surprised by the Gym, since I have never seen a gym larger than this one, nor such a well-equipped one. There’s literally everything I need and that suits me well as I want to be fit and toned.”

Lukáš Adamec singer

Group exercises schedule available from 15th September 2021

6:45 7:30 9:00 14:30 12:00 13:00 14:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00
Monday Mobility QSI QSI2  La Portella  La Portella BODY ART
Tuesday  HARDCORE Pevné brucho QSI QSI2 BADASS Pevný zadok Krav MagaParkour
Wednesday  Relax Yoga QSI QSI2  La Portella  La Portella  Atletika deti Flow Yoga
Thursday  BADASS Pevný zadok QSI QSI2 XBS Swimming  HARDCORE Pevné brucho Beh s Matanínom

Capoeira Moves

Krav MagaParkour
Friday  QSI Atletika deti Fittball kids
Saturday  Parkour začiatočníci  Parkour pokročilí  Parkour individuálne tréningy

Please use the following phone numbers to make or cancel your registration at least 24 hours in advance:

 031/ 313 262 361, 0904 929 748

or you can do it on-line: BOOK A PLACE

Group exercises

Train with our professional trainers or find an appropriate group exercises from our offer.

Bodypump with Majo

Come and try an absolute world-wide hit for both men and women in strength training – original exercise with the help of the most effective exercises such as squats, push-ups, training with dumbbells. You can choose the weight of the dumbbells yourself to achieve the best results. Get into shape thanks to training with music. Build something more for yourself, and as a reward you will definitely build some increased muscle strength. Instructors designate this type of exercise as one of the fastest ways to get to shape. Get the results you are looking for.

Monday, Wednesday 1900 – 2000


10 € / lesson
IMPORTANT : Available from September 2021

KRAV MAGA with Robo Czingel

Krav Maga is a unique system of self-defense. It was originally developed for self-defense and close combat by the Israeli security forces. Later, Krav Maga won its fans in the general public as well. Krav Maga is characterized by strikes, kicks and intuitive reflex movements. Techniques are tailored to be simple and learned in a short time.

Tuesday, Thursday 1900 – 2000


10 € / lesson

More information available at the Gym reception or at the phone number: +421 313 262 361
IMPORTANT : Available from September 2021

Rehabilitation excercises for everyone!- CANCELLED until further notice

If you have problems with your spine or you suffer by scoliosis or different kind of body holding disorders, stiff neck muscles, or pain in the shoulder area, this is the ideal work-out for you. Training with elastic ropes, which has a rehabilitative effect is the fastets way how to increase your health status. Exercise is simple and can be managed by everyone under the supervision of professional coach – Miroslav Seňan.

Tuesday, Thursday 1800 – 1900

IMPORTANT : Available from September 2021



15 € / training

PARKOUR with Erik Wolner

Come and practise a unique training discipline called parkour. You will learn how to get from one point to another by using unconventional jumps, somersaults, handsprings and other acrobatic movements in a safe and efficient way. With these unique movements, you will engage your inner muscles and improve your stability, speed and stamina. The trainings are led by professional coach Erik Wolner and designed for all age categories, for beginners and for the more experienced. The maximum number of attendees is 15.

Thursday 1900 – 2000
Saturday 1200 – 1300


10 € / training
IMPORTANT : Available from September 2021

1 000 kcal Brutal Workout

Do you find monotonous cardio lengthy and boring? Come and work out with our coach Pali and burn 1000 Kcal in an hour. This group training uses the most efficient moves and the HIIT method, which is demonstrably the most efficient to burn off fat. Start your day with a workout by using your own weight. Get a kick-ass body, release all built-up energy and enjoy the wonderful feeling of endorphins in your body. The result will be worth it.

Tuesday 730 – 830
Thursday 730 – 830


10 € / lesson
More information available at the Gym reception or at the phone number: +421 313 262 361
IMPORTANT : Available from September 2021

Flow Power Yoga

Do you want to improve your physical and mental fitness? If the answer is yes, flow power yoga is just what you need. Come join our new teacher and practise this dynamic yoga where breath is a priority and an anchor that guides you from one pose to another. The poses are linked into short sequences that will boost your energy and warm up your body. Your muscles will be stretched and strengthened and all tension will be gone. The classes are suitable for beginners as well as more advanced yogis who can practise more difficult variations.

Monday 1915 – 2015
Wednesday 1915 – 2015


8 € / lesson
More information available at the Gym reception or at the phone number: +421 313 262 361
IMPORTANT : Available from September 2021

Dance school with La Portella

Dance school for children from the age of 3 specializing in Latino dancing and dance preparation.
Professional teachers who studied dance and world champions try to strike the right balance between drill and fun and show children and their parents a different perspective on dance. The aim is to help children get a positive attitude towards dancing and all its benefits. The school includes dynamic trainings, costumes, shows, recordings, competitions and other interesting activities. There’s a lot to look forward to.

Monday, Wednesday 1600 Mini course (children aged 3-5)
 1700 Girls’ course (children aged 6-8)


€ 204 // 3-months course (24 trainings)

The course starts:

February 4, 2019 (the first training is free)

More information available at the Gym reception or at the phone number: +421 313 262 361
IMPORTANT : Available from September 2021


The Gym is divided into strength and cardio zones. The Gym is here for you, whether you want to exercise alone, with a trainer or in a group.

Strength zone

  • 26 Technogym power stations
  • 35 Cybex power stations
  • 2 Kenesis Technogym machines
  • 2 flexibility stations
  • 2 Cybex squat racks

Cardio zone

  • 8 Cybex machines
  • 24 Technogym machines
  • Machines with adjustable TV channels and Internet connection
  • Stretching zone

Solarium megaSun

More information about the solarium


From now on you can try unique cryotherapy, a modern alternative treatment method appropriate for multi-purpose body regeneration.


Personal trainers

Marian Ujheli

2012: 1st level trainer, Certificate of qualification as a 1st level trainer in bodybuilding, fitness and powerlifting

2014: 2nd level trainer, Certificate of qualification as a 2nd level trainer in bodybuilding, fitness and powerlifting


  • advice on nutrition, lifestyle and health ,
  • healthy weight loss,
  • sports nutrition and physical activity.

Miroslav Seňan

Sports trainer for all, fitness specialization – 5th qualification level, SM system method (stabilization, mobilization of the spine), masseur of basic classical and sports massage, certificate – reflex back massage.


  • development of muscle strength and muscle mass,
  • body shaping,
  • weight reduction,
  • stretching,
  • eliminating muscle disbalances.



+421 313 262 361

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