x-bionic® aquatic sphere

Milí návštevníci! Vonkajší 50m bazén v x-bionic® aquatic sphere bude 03.06.2023 a 04.06.2023 OTVORENÝ od 10:00-18:00.



Milí návštevníci, dňa 31.05.2023 bude AdventureLand uzatvorený do 16:00 z prevádzkových dôvodov. Dňa 04.06.2023 v nedeľu, bude uzatvorený z dôvodu konania eventu Spartan race. Ďakujeme za pochopenie.


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Are you a cycling enthusiast? Summer season has ended and you are wondering how to get back on track and keep up the stamina you worked so hard for? We are offering you a solution in form of indoor rides on our WAHOO – KICKR SMART V5 cycling simulators combined with road bicycles BIANCHI. The cycling simulator offers ultra silent ride as well as an experience of a ride almost identical to an outdoors training. With us you can train on professional cycling simulators, used by top athletes as well as hobby cyclists all-around the world.

What do you need?
  • Your cleen bicycle (11 or 10 speed cassette on back wheel).
  • For anyone without a bicycle or for beginners, we have prepared 2 BIANCHI road bikes, already set up and ready for a ride.
  • Computer or a device that enables you to connect to one of the training apps (eg. Zwift). Of course you can ride without the app if choose so.
  • Training gear (clothes)
  • And last but not least a will to work hard.

WAHOO Training Room contains:

The entrence to the training room is through the main x-bionic power sphere entrance.

Entry / 6 € / person

Are you interested in private sessions?
No problem, all you need to do is make a reservation for you club in advance via the gym telephone number : +421 313 262 361 or via e-mail at : gym@x-bionicsphere.com.