x-bionic® aquatic sphere

V dňoch 23.-29.1.2023 bude v x-bionic® aquatic sphere v čase otváracej doby pre verejnosť  25m bazén zatvorený z dôvodu prebiehajúcej sanitácie. K dispozícii bude 50m bazén. V piatok 27.01.2023 bude Aquatic sphere pre verejnosť kompletne uzatvorená. Ďakujeme za pochopenie.

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The elegant lobby bar is located right in the heart of the resort, with comfortable high chairs offering comfort and undisturbed privacy. The X-Bar is the ideal place for business meetings or for a short meeting with your friends. Relax at our large aquarium and indulge in your favorite drink. There’s always a fresh offer of snacks prepared directly on order, fresh cakes and desserts from our confectioner complemented by a selection of home-made lemonades, soft drinks, coffee and teas.

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday 0800 am  – 0600 pm
Sunday 0800 am  – 0600 pm

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