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x-bionic® aquatic sphere

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There are only a few places where you can experience real love for horses, and our riding area at the x-bionic® equestrian sphere is definitely one of them. During the year, there is a wide offer of national and international races like show jumping, horse racing, endurance riding and dressage. The professional equipment combined with a beautiful environment, has already created a world-class facility at the x-bionic® complex.

Current offer

Don’t worry about figuring out your own program or planning activities during all year long.


The arenas, halls and stables in the x-bionic® equestrian sphere offer everything you and your horse need for a satisfying ride.

  • 3 grass and 3 sand arenas with a total area of 52,929 m2
  • 2 indoor riding halls
  • 683 permanent stables (440 summer, 198 winter and 45 club)
  • 3300 seats on outer and inner tribunes

“The resort provides a wide range of training options. There is also an excellent and very safe surface. I would compare it to Disneyland for riders on horseback,” said Doda Miranda, an Olympic medallist in jump racing.”


Doda Miranda olympic-class Brazilian show jumping rider

Professional conditions

The show jumping courses, halls and stables at the x-bionic® equestrian sphere offer everything you and your horse need for a satisfying ride, but also a well-deserved rest.

Parameters of the arenas

  • 3 sand arenas
  • 3 grass arenas
  • Total area of the arenas – 52,929 m2
  • The main tribune (at the largest grass arena) with an area of 16,800 m2
  • Farrier´s Arena (the largest sand arena) with an area of 9,900 m2

Indoor riding halls

  • 2 horse riding halls with a capacity of 500 seats
  • 3 grass arenas
  • Total area of arenas – 52,929 m2
  • Smaller training hall with an area of 3200 m2
  • Larger hall for holding competitions with an area of 3680 m2


  • 440 summer stables
  • 198 winter stables
  • 45 club stables

Services and activities

Take part in the horse shows or improve your own technique at the riding school. And at our veterinary clinic, we will always make sure that your horse is fit.

Horse shows

The x-bionic® equestrian sphere is open from early spring to late fall for riders and visitors of many national and international riding events. During its short existence, it has already become visible and reputable in the industry both at home and abroad. The riding club Napoli, which operates within the x-bionic® equestrian sphere, organizes several regular and non-standard attractive competitive riding events at the national and international level. At the x-bionic® equestrian sphere, there are competitions in three basic disciplines – jumping (parkour/show jumping), endurance riding and dressage.



NAPOLI Riding School

The x-bionic® equestrian sphere also offers you the opportunity to spend your free time within the riding area. Try out horseback riding, take a beginner’s lesson or book a horseback stroll through the picturesque surroundings of the Danube Lowlands. Together with your children you can spend a nice time in company of a pony and fulfill their dream to enjoy a ride on a horse or pony. The riding school is open to all ages.

Contact and reservations

Andrea Dúbravská
Tel.: +421 905 253 156
E-mail: andrea.dubravska@napoli.sk

NAPOLI Riding Club

The NAPOLI riding club, active in the x-bionic® equestrian sphere, has extensive experience in organizing world-class events and has been the leader of the Slovak Riding Federation rankings in endurance riding for a long time.

Contact and reservations

Tel.:+421 904 637 639

Contact and informations

JK Napoli
Riding Club

+421 905 380 430

Latest news from x-bionic® sphere

We strive to make you feel the best during your stay. Thet’s why you can always find the latest announcements about news or limitations at x-bionic® sphere.

X-BIONIC® sportswear

At x-bionic® sphere we live through sports. Athletic clothing is important, so we bring you the best from the world of sportswear through brand X-BIONIC®. Visit our stores and choose the right equipment for your sport.

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