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There are several ways how to relax your body and mind at x-bionic® wellness sphere. Visit our 7 saunas, the Kneipp bath, 3 whirlpools including one outdoor, and a private Jacuzzi accompanied by the sounds of pleasant relaxation music. After finishing your sauna, you can cool down in the outdoor pool or refresh yourself in our icefall. Don’t forget about our snack bar with a wide range of drinks and meals.

Finnish sauna

Explore the magic of the oldest type of sauna! The high temperature of the Finnish sauna (up to 110°C) improves the immune system, blood circulation of the skin and has a beneficial effect on the muscles. Taking a sauna can be made more pleasant through inhalation of aromatic essences.

Herbal steam room

Forest wildflowers, eucalyptus, the scent of pine needles and other pleasant scents in our herbal steam room will relax all your senses. Relax your body and mind at 37 – 45°C. The peeling application within the steam bath will brighten your skin.

Salt cave

Transfer your body to the far Himalayas. Inhalation of Himalayan salt and 35°C temperature is not only pleasant but also healing. We recommend staying in a salt cave especially for clients with upper respiratory tract complications and asthma, but also as a preventative measure.


Biosauna is a perfect combination of Finnish sauna and steam room, enriched by the healing effects of herbs extracted into the air. The right combination of a lower temperature and higher humidity than in a Finnish sauna makes this type of sauna suitable also for people suffering from a cardiovascular disease. Biosauna has beneficial effects on the upper respiratory tract as a result of herbal extracts.

Asian sauna

Come with us to the first Asian sauna in Slovakia and enjoy the feeling of relief and absolute relaxation of your body and thoughts. You will get the benefits of new energy and a feeling of absolute relaxation in the perfect elation of relaxation music, fragrant rituals and at a pleasant temperature of 30°C to 40°C, along with a cup of delicious Asian tea.

Infrared sauna

Enjoy a never-ending Summer in our infrared sauna. Invisible infrared rays influence our bodies as sunlight, stimulating our muscles and internal organs. Due to a temperature of 40 – 65°C, the organism is heated more deeply, which triggers purification of the organism.

Steam room

Enjoy pleasant moments in the steam bath. The steam room is excellent for relaxation of the whole organism and greatly improves skin elasticity. The peeling application will make your skin look brighter and velvety smooth.

Opening hours

x-bionic® wellness sphere is open daily except for special events. If you are planning to visit us, we recommend that you make a reservation or check whether the resort is available.

Monday – Friday 1400 – 2200
Saturday – Sunday 1000 – 2200 in Winter season
Saturday – Sunday 1400 – 2200 in Summer season

Price list and other information

Entry Cena
3-hour entry (includes € 10 consumption and entry to x-bionic® aquatic sphere swimming pools) € 50,00 
VIP relaxation for two people (1 hour) € 100,00 
Luxurious relaxation for two people € 300,00 

Wellness can be booked at +421 31 326 24 04 or +421 910 101 741

A complete price list with additional services and packages at x-bionic® wellness sphere can be downloaded below. Please pay attention to the visitor rules, which guarantee an undisturbed stay for you as well as for other guests. If you have any questions, please contact our staff who will be happy to advise you.

Pay with X-CARD and get extra credit.

For every € 100 you spend you’ll get an extra € 20 at the beginning of the following month.