Travel show at Tuli® Cinema

14. 11. 2017

+421 313 262 000

White mountain tops, endless jungles, beautiful colonial architecture, territories governed by the last active guerrilla, bordering Venezuela. The hot Caribbean coast, the highest palm trees in the world, hummingbirds in the stunning Valle de Cocora, the second largest South-American carnival in Barranquille, volcanos in Los Nevados national park, wild slums in Medellin, the city of Pablo Escobar, world-renowned coffee plantations in Zona cafetera, the remains of Indian culture in remote reservoirs or the pulsing Bogotta. These will be the places we visit during Whiskey's next travel show at Tuli® Cinema.

14 November 2017, at 20:00

Price: 5,50€ per person

Every ticket to one of our Travel Shows with CK VICTORY TRAVEL from July to December 2017 will be included in a draw, whose winner will get to go to St Petersburg with CK VICTORY TRAVEL!

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