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An excellent opportunity to participate in side events during The Championship

Do you want to take part in the most prestigious triathlon race in Slovakia – The Championship 2019? Now you have an excellent opportunity to sign up for one of our side events at a reduced price. Don’t hesitate and become part of a stunning sports event now.


The Championship 2019 is a unique triathlon race which is part of the international triathlon CHALLENGE FAMILY series that will take place on 1 – 2 June 2019. This event will be attended by triathletes who qualify in the Challenge Family qualifying race. Come and support the best athletes and experience a fantastic atmosphere at one of the most prestigious sports competitions.

Have you always wanted to compete in a triathlon but you are not exactly an elite triathlete? Don’t worry, we have prepared something for all sports enthusiasts and amateurs. The Championship will offer side events to all visitors and we will be happy to see you there. The disciplines are modified so that anyone can compete in triathlon within their abilities and skills. Come and take part in TryAthlon, Olympic Triathlon or Middle Distance Triathlon. Your kids can compete in the Kids Run.

“We competed in the Olympic Distance in 2018 and it was the highlight of our season. It was our very first triathlon and, as we know x-bionic sphere and Challenge Family, it was natural for us to compete in our first triathlon here. Thanks to the impeccable organization, we fully enjoyed the event from the morning until late evening. We all managed to cross the finishing line and, although it wasn’t easy, it was a lifetime’s experience.”

4bajkerky sportswomen

Side events for the public

TryAthlon (Saturday 1 June 2019)

How to start with triathlon? The answer is: gradually. That’s why we created TryAthlon with shorter distances so that anyone can join the competition.

  • 300 m swim in a 50-m pool
  • 13 km cycle ride
  • 3 km run (sand and grass, concrete)

Registration is open from 1 January 2019 until 29 May 2019

Fee: € 49.00

Olympic Triathlon (Saturday 1 June 2019)

The Olympic distance is designed for more experienced triathletes and professional sportsmen. If you don’t feel like competing as an individual, you can form a relay team with your colleagues or friends and get first-hand experience of this international event.

  • 1,5 km swim
  • 40 km cykle ride
  • 10 km run (sand and grass, concrete)

Reduced registration fee from 1 January 2019 until 31 March 2019

Fee: € 69.00

Relay fee: € 129.00

Register from 1 April 2019 until 29 May 2019

Fee: € 89.00

Relay fee: € 149.00

Middle Distance Triathlon (Sunday 2 June 2019)

The middle distance is designed for the most experienced triathletes and sportsmen who have experience with Olympic distances. If you don’t feel like competing as an individual, you can form a relay team with your colleagues or friends and compete on the same track as the future world champion.

  • 1,9 km swim
  • 90 km cykle ride
  • 21,1 km run (sand and grass, concrete)

Fee: € 279.00

Relay fee: € 399.00



Kids run (Saturday 1 June 2019)

Let your child try out a professional track and run a distance proportionate to his or her age and skills.


Age 3 – 5, 150 m

Age 6 – 7, 300 m

Age 8 – 9, 600 m

Age 10 – 12, 800 m

Age 13 – 15, 1200 m

Starting fee: € 6

Kids aged 3 – 5 compete for free