x-bionic HOTEL

Milí návštevníci, od 12-14.06.2023 bude bočné parkovisko (pri aquatic sphere) uzatvorené z dôvodu konania Super finále detského športu. Plne k dispozícii bude hlavné parkovisko priamo pred hotelom. Ďakujeme za pochopenie.


Safe and controlled zone

It is important to mention the fact that to this date, 3.000 athletes have used the safe and controlled zone of the hermetically sealed Olympic Training Center since the launch of the Quarantine Center for top athletes regime, which is almost 30.000 overnight stays of the athletes.

Thanks to the strict observance of extraordinary safety and hygiene measures, only dozens of athletes were “detected” at the entrance to the „quarantine bubble“, who did not pass the sieve of the initial antigen and subsequent PCR testing, resp. came into direct contact with a positively tested person on arrival at the Quarantine Center.

Ivan Šulek

“The Slovak Swimming Federation happily accepted the offer of the National Olympic and Training Center x-bionic sphere in Šamorín to create a quarantine center for top sport during the Covid19 pandemic. With more than 4,000 members in four sports, we were dependent only on this opportunity, and therefore we urged the creation of this center from the beginning together with the management of the x-bionic sphere and Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee. From the 19th of November until today not only our top representatives but also our junior and club selections train and compete in excellent condition. We also organized two preliminary competitions in this center, as well as the most prestigious swimming event in Slovakia, the 59th year of the Slovak Grand Prix in swimming. Based on the results and responses of domestic and foreign swimmers and coaches, we must determine that the center, as well as the staff, is designed for a professional level. Conditions for sports training and competition in two certified pools, balanced diet, regeneration, accommodation, but also conditions for studying and resting, have no flaws and the x-bionic sphere can easily compete with the best sports centers in the world. Also based on these conditions, we are convinced that the jubilee 60th year of the Grand Prix of Slovakia will be taking place at the x-bionic sphere in Šamorín and we believe that also for many other years after as well.”

Andrej Wiebauer

“We would like to thank on behalf of Slovak Canoeing team for being able to be a part of this great project. In the bubble, we found everything we needed for quality training and increased sports performance towards the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. ”

Ingrid Barutová

“The Slovak Gymnastics Federation very much appreciates the creation of the Quarantine Center in Šamorín, especially at a time when all gyms for our sports are hopelessly closed. Gymnasts have excellent and especially safe conditions, their training is at a high level. Under one roof, they have the opportunity to train, regenerate and also complete distance learning. Our current training camp is meeting with great success on the part of all participating coaches and athletes, which we are very pleased about. We definitely plan to continue your bubble in the next period until the measures are lifted. It is the only way not to lose our athletes, their performance and prepare them for important events in 2021, including the Olympic Games, where our representative Barbora Mokošová already has secured a place. ”

Peter Macko

“x-bionic sphere has prepared excellent conditions for karate sportsman for training, including relaxation and great food, we hope to return. x-bionic sphere is really the highest-level training centre.”

Tomáš Potocký

“We are incredibly satisfied with the services at your complex. Because your “bubble” has created conditions for us that we don’t currently find anywhere in our preparation for the Olympics Qualification. I personally, as well as all representatives, thank you for such an opportunity so we could devote fully to training and preparation. We had everything we needed here.”

Petr Horáček

“Dancesport enjoyed its premiere in the „bubble“ to 200%! The conditions which were created for us at the x-bionic sphere are like on the film sets and in the film studios – accommodation, food, training facilities and the willingness of the staff were world-class and for our athletes and coaches were definite proof that it is possible in Slovakia as well! If at all possible, we will be more than happy to return. WE THANK YOU!”

Peter Onuščák,

On behalf of the Slovak Kickboxing Association, I consider the creation of the Quarantine Center to be an excellent idea, which is perfectly implemented down to the smallest detail. The safety of athletes, training conditions, accommodation, food, regeneration and leisure activities at the highest level were underlined by helpful and professional staff. THANK YOU on behalf of the Slovak national team in kickboxing! We would love to come back!”


“Due to the very strict measures that are changing and getting more strict every day, Olympic Training Centre Šamorín has prepared an irreplaceable opportunity for athletes to train and thus prepare for their sports highlights, which in the case of the Slovak Judo is the Olympics and EYOF in Banská Bystrica. SZJ took advantage of this opportunity and also included in the training of their athletes a chance to train with international athletes, which are represented by national teams from all over Europe. We would like to thank the management and employees of x-bionic sphere for having a professional approach and creating a safe zone for athletes with strict hygienic rules, which is also proved by the large participation of foreign associations.”

Štefan Stráňovský,

“After the experience from August 2020, we were at the training camp for the first time in your facility, based on the positive response of all participants in the training camp, we decided to repeat this training camp in 2021 with the help of SAZ management. half a year due to the pandemic situation they could hardly train. Conditions and staff hospitality are at a high level, accommodation and food were excellent. We were also very satisfied with the sports facilities that were available to us (athletic stadium, multifunctional playground, gym as well as swimming pools). I can also compare it with the Olympic Training Center in Tate, Hungary, where I have been to camp several times. Your device provides services at a significantly higher standard than in Tate. Regarding the activities of the Quarantine Center. In the current pandemic situation, this is an excellent solution so that athletes can train in safe conditions. I think that in Šamorín excellent conditions have been created for this. The technical-organizational and hygienic provision for the entrance to the Quarantine Center and then, after receiving the test results, the transfer to the bubble is perfectly managed. “

The center also has conditions for distance learning

It is natural that athletes in the Šamorín “bubble” do not devote all their time only to training, but on the contrary also try to educate themselves properly. Ideal conditions for distance learning are created in the quarantine center. Athletes can choose from individual study in the room or in the prepared conference room, which is available throughout the day.

“It really makes life much easier for athletes to finish distance learning, switch off and be at the pool in ten minutes,” says Naďa Daabousová, an Olympian in synchronized swimming from Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Races on national level of the Slovak Swimming Federation

On the last pre-Christmas weekend, the Quarantine Center for top athletes hosted preliminary competitions organized by the Slovak Swimming Federation as the culmination of a monthly training camp of swimmers of various swimming sports and age categories. As part of the Šamorín “bubble”, swimmers could prepare, train and educate in ideal conditions while observing extraordinary safety and hygiene measures.

After a month of demanding training, 156 swimmers from 37 clubs gradually took part in the start. They brought us a fantastic 15 records from students to senior representatives, as well as a number of excellent performances, more than 140 swimmers swam at least one personal best time.

The Quarantine Center for top athletes has thus clearly demonstrated that its establishment is key to maintaining the continuity of quality sports training not only for athletes fighting for a place for the Olympic Games, but also for their talented younger colleagues. Their greatest sporting successes are still waiting for them and we are glad that in this difficult year they were able to improve thanks to honest training at our x-bionic sphere®.

If you are interested in what #ZIVOTVBUBLINE is from the point of view of our Slovak representatives, watch a short video in cooperation with @slovenskyolympijskytim.