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Unique, modern, folklore

Do you want to experience something you have never experienced before? If so, you simply cannot miss out on the first traditional unconventional event entitled Tancuj, makaj, vykrúcaj (Dance, Work Hard, Spin Around). A unique experience of its kind in Slovakia – you will be surrounded by an abundance of music, dancing, fashion, and exercise, where all activities will be conducted in a folkloric atmosphere. A creative combination of the new and the old Slovak world is something you will not experience elsewhere!

There are 5 zones waiting for you, each full of surprises: play sports in a folk atmosphere, visit a folklore tattoo parlour or try exercising in a “fitness centre” of our grandfathers. What is more, the accompanying program is packed with traditional folkloric energy. Take everyone who wants to have a unique experience with you and come join us.



21. september 2019


Šamorín, x-bionic® sphere, AdventureLand


Ticket prices:

Adult  9,60 €

Child 6,00 €

Family ticket A – 2x adults, 2x children 28,00 €

Family ticket B – 2x adults,1 x child 23,00 €

5 unique zones

Experience the “fitness centre” of our grandfathers. Get ready for squats with haystacks, tugs of war, hurdle racing, collecting logs of wood or farmer-style walks while holding buckets of water. You will experience exercising in a folkloric atmosphere under the guidance of professionals. Non-traditional fitness workout.

  • Experience the “fitness centre of our grandfathers” and try 6 unique fitness challenges
  • Try modern exercises, such as yoga or circuit training while listening to remixed folk music

Girls in folk costumes will teach you how to make traditional plaits and traditional motifs will be painted on children’s faces. We also have a folk tattoo parlour ready for you. We are presenting the legendary Slovak beauty after all.

  • Folk tattoo parlour
  • Beauty tips from beauty bloggers
  • Hair plaiting
  • Folk face painting

Come and decorate photo frames, paint typical Slovak patterns on T-shirts, test your knowledge on a blank map of Slovakia, pantomime Slovak proverbs and sayings or join us in painting “na skle maľované” (“painted on glass”) on a board. There will be no limits to creativity.

  • We will spray graffiti on t-shirts
  • We will test our knowledge on a blank map of Slovakia
  • We will pantomime Slovak proverbs and sayings
  • We will pantomime Slovak proverbs and sayings

Do you know what a typical Slovak folk costume looks like? What did people wear in the past and what was the biggest fashion trend? We will guide you through the traditional fashion world. You will see presentations of creative young Slovaks and e-shop owners who have adopted the idea of modern folklore so much that it has become their profession.

  • Presentations of creative Slovaks, start-ups, and e-shops who love tradition so much that it has become their profession
  • Workshops on the production of Slovak folk costumes

Juraj Kemka will host the entire programme.


The dance school of Kamila Ochabová – a professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and admirer of our traditional dances – will take care of the main programme. She was a member of the Slovak State Traditional Dance Company (SĽUK) and has taken part in the most famous musicals and operettas in the Slovak Republic and abroad. She established the original dance school Tancuj tancuj vykrúcaj and she will become our dance teacher for a day.


We are looking forward to seeing families with children – the smallest ones will surely enjoy the performance of the singer Miro JarošJuraj Kemka dressed as a crazy shepherd will host the entire programme.

0930 – 0945

Fitness centre of our grandfathers – lumberjack challenge (FITNESS ZONE)

0930 – 1000

Graffiti on T-shirts – workshop: creating your own design (CREATIVE ZONE)

1000 – 1100

Performance by Miro Jaroš

1100 – 1115

Fitness centre of our grandfathers – miller challenge (FITNESS ZONE)

1100 – 1200

Champeriko – presentation of the ornament + workshop – painting ornaments (FASHION ZONE)

1115 – 1145

Body Pump exercises – circuit training with Oliver Rothschein

1115 – 1145

Pantomiming Slovak proverbs and sayings (FITNESS ZONE)

1145 – 1200

Fitness centre of our grandfathers – farmer challenge (FITNESS ZONE)

1215 – 1245

Power Flow Yoga with Andrea Krämerová

1215 – 1245

Pantomiming Slovak proverbs and sayings (FITNESS ZONE)

1245 – 1300

Fitness centre of our grandfathers – rope challenge (FITNESS ZONE)

1300 – 1330

Folk aerobics: Kamila Ochabová’s dance school – Tancuj Tancuj Vykrúcaj

1300 – 1330

Pantomiming Slovak proverbs and sayings (FITNESS ZONE)

1330 – 1345

Fitness centre of our grandfathers – brigand challenge (FITNESS ZONE)

1345 – 1400

Luminia – lecture (CREATIVE ZONE)

1400 – 1430

Mobility exercises with Filip Bolech

1430 – 1445

Fitness centre of our grandfathers – wood challenge (FITNESS ZONE)



Visit us on the 21st of September and experience the unique combination of fitness and folklore that is the event Tancuj, makaj, vykrúcaj!


Do not hesitate – ticket numbers are limited!


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