Safe and controlled zone for accommodation, full-board and sports training

The Quarantine Center for top athletes (hereinafter also “QCTA”) is conveniently located within an isolated part of Šamorín. The area is closed off and offers the possibility of complete control of the area with monitored secure access with only one controlled entry gate.

  • Hermetically sealed QCTA area with controlled entry with a ban on entry by unauthorized persons
  • Access only with a negative test result and subsequent provision of mandatory testing for COVID-19 at the entrance to the QCTA, including retesting with an antigen test on 5th day after arrival in the safe zone of the QCTA
  • Establishment of an isolated quarantine accommodation pavilion with a separate entrance for the isolation of people who are waiting for the results of RT-PCR tests and subsequent release of negatively tested people into the normal QCTA regime.

Instructions before arriving at the Quarantine Pavilion:

  • Individual sports associations are obliged to ensure the signing of the Declaration on non-existence of virus infectious disease existence and acquaint with the regime of operation of the quarantine center top athletes, where the participant or his legal representative honestly declares that he complies with all currently valid regulations of Public Health Office of Slovak Republic (hereinafter also „ÚVZ SR“) and acquaintance with the regime of operation of the Quarantine Center and instructions for participants before coming to the Quarantine Center
  • In connection with the currently valid regulations of the Government of the Slovak Republic and the measures of the ÚVZ SR against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a “Confirmation of the athlete’s participation in the training camp” is given in the annexes below. Individual sports associations organizing training camps / competitions of top athletes within the Quarantine Center for Top Athletes thus have the opportunity to secure their signature for the list of athletes, for possible identification of athletes upon their arrival to the Quarantine Center (eg. current restrictions between district crossings, when athletes enter territory of the Slovak Republic, etc.)
  • Demonstration of a negative test result for entry into the QCTA Quarantine Pavilion. Negative antigen or RT-PCR test, not older than 72 hours required for access to the RT-PCR collection before accommodation in the Quarantine Pavilion.
  • Perform temperature measurement. After the evaluation of the measured temperature, assuming a value of up to 37.2 ° C, it is possible to enter the QCTA premises and enter mobile collection point (hereinafter also “VOM”). People with a measured temperature equal to or higher than 37.2 ° C are not allowed access to the Quarantine Pavilion (to access the RT-PCR collection before accommodation in the Quarantine Pavilion). QCTA also provides controlled entry at the gate and is obliged to keep a list, i.e., a book of records of persons entering the QCTA on the basis of an entry permit has been established (including QCTA staff, possible VOM staff, medical staff and suppliers).
  • Establishment of a mobile collection point for the purposes of the QCTA before the initial laboratory examination on COVID-19 before placing the athlete / staff in direct contact from the home environment in the safe zone of the QCTA facility. Upon entering the QCTA , a VOM is established and an entry control is performed by testing athletes, the accompanying team as well as staff in direct contact with athletes according to the recommendations of the ÚVZ SR (laboratory diagnostics of COVID-19 disease by RT-PCR). Only persons who are following the regulations in relation to COVID-19, are not suspected of being ill, and did not come into contact with a person with a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19 are permitted for testing. Entrance to the QCTA is organized only on reserved arrival days – Monday and Thursday between 12.00 – 15.30.
  • Implementation of RT-PCR methods within the VOM at the entrance to the Quarantine Pavilion and subsequent accommodation until the evaluation of results (min. 24 hours) within the Quarantine Pavilion (there is a precisely defined time interval for collection, so that athletes do not meet and at the same time, arrival in separated cars is recommended, QCTA always keeps records of arrivals in case of arrival of a larger group of athletes by one car and if one person from the same car has a positive RT-PCR test that means that the whole crew must go into mandatory quarantine / domestic isolation according to the guidelines of ÚVZ SR as they were in an enclosed space together)

Guidelines for persons with past COVID-19 disease falling within the 90-day protection period defined by the legislation and guidelines of the ÚVZ SR.

Before arriving at the Quarantine Center for top athletes, it is necessary to:

  • Notify the person organizing the sports camp before arriving at the Quarantine Center so that this fact is reported in advance to the Coordinator of the Quarantine Pavilion
  • It is recommended to have a certificate from a general practitioner on the termination of COVID-19 according to the model of ÚVZ SR (for access to RT-PCR collection before accommodation in the Quarantine Pavilion)
  • Demonstrate a negative test result for entering the Quarantine Pavilion of the QCTA. Negative antigen not older than 72 hours required for access to RT-PCR testing before accommodation in the Quarantine Pavilion
  • It is recommended to have an IgM / IgG antibody test result for subsequent assessment of the release / non-release of a person who has overcome COVID-19, is still within 90 days period, and may have a false positive in the evaluation of the RT-PCR test result.


The people who overcame COVID 19 disease will be tested by RT-PCR test within the VOM at the entrance to the Quarantine Pavilion and subsequently accommodated until the evaluation of the results within the Quarantine Pavilion. Evaluation of RT-PCR sampling will be performed with evaluation of required CT / CP values.

In the case of a person / elite athlete who has demonstrably overcome COVID-19 (confirmed by a positive RT-PCR / antigen test / antibody test and the disease has been discontinued/closed off by a general practitioner) and comes to the elite sports Quarantine Center within 90 days of stopping treatment for disease on COVID-19, in case of a positive result of RT-PCR testing at the entry to the Quarantine Pavilion, he/she will be required based on the guidelines of ÚVZ SR to document the assessment of a general practitioner who knows the history, clinical condition of the patient and has a comprehensive overview of laboratory results of SARS -CoV-2 and its consent / disagreement with the release into a safe and controlled zone for sports training.

For this purpose, the QCTA has prepared a Doctor’s Declaration on non-existence of virus infectious disease existence and consent to release this person into a safe zone within the QCTA, within which the signature of the general practitioner is the responsibility of the top athlete / relevant sports association based on the above knowledge and information about the patient who overcame disease. The QCTA will not release the athlete into the safe zone without receiving the signed confirmation and consent of the general practitioner. The athlete can remain within the assigned isolated room in the Quarantine Pavilion until obtaining this confirmation, resp. in case of non-receipt of a certificate from a general practitioner, he / she can be released into domestic quarantine / isolation according to the currently valid regulations of ÚVZ SR, which is connected with the termination of stay in the Quarantine Pavilion and the related procedure of release to the safe zone.

Setting up the accommodation mode within the QCTA safe zone after a negative result for RT-PCR examination

The Olympic Training Center has 282 rooms in five separate hotel pavilions. With the allocation of one pavilion as an isolated quarantine pavilion, and at the same time one pavilion as an isolated pavilion for the accommodation of QCTA staff in direct contact, a sufficiently large separate accommodation capacity is still ensured. At the beginning, Olympic Training Centre counted on the allocation of 2 pavilions for the needs of providing accommodation for athletes in the normal mode of QCTA. Accommodation provided in rooms with the possibility of accommodating 1-4 people with a large enough storage space for long-term accommodation of athletes. Spacious rooms (44m2) with balcony, separate bathroom divided into 2 separate rooms, each equipped with LCD / TV, desk, telephone and fast WiFi connection.

Instructions for the Quarantine Center – safe zone for accommodation:

Entry into the QCTA within its safe zones of direct contact with athletes (ie accommodation, catering facilities and sports grounds) is conditioned by compulsory quarantine and a negative result of the RT-PCR test for COVID-19. There is a strict ban on visitors and unauthorized persons entering the zones of direct contact with athletes. Apart from the staff of the Quarantine Center for top athletes, who enter the same mandatory quarantine and negative RT-PCR test, entry to the Quarantine Center is allowed only to persons from individual sports associations (athletes and accompanying / organizational team) and persons according to ÚVZ SR guidelines. At the time of the curfew (i.e. between 22.00 and 6.00) from the rooms for sports groups and working staff of the QCTA safe zone in direct contact with athletes under the presence of the Quarantine Pavilion Coordinator, work may be performed exclusively in connection with deep cleaning and disinfection of common areas and sports grounds, providing service and inspection work of machines and equipment. All work must be coordinated by the Coordinators and the staff must have PPE (face mask/FFP2 respirator, gloves and, if necessary, a protective work suit).

  • Ensuring information about the obligations of accommodated athletes (information leaflets, electronic info panels and TV in the rooms). Within each room is Information Leaflet with basic information and responsibilities of accommodated athletes, who are required to comply with the rules of the accommodation facility and hygiene principles. In the event of a breach of duties or instructions of the Coordinator of the regular regime of the QCTA, the consequences always lead to the termination of the stay within the QCTA. Information will be provided electronically before arrival at QCTA, resp. information leaflets, announcements during operations, and via LED / TV screens within accommodation, catering and sports grounds.
  • The Athlete is required to monitor his / her health (sudden onset of at least one of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath) and, in the event of symptoms, notifies the Quarantine Center Coordinator and his / her assigned contact person / trainer by telephone without delay.
  • On the fifth day after arriving at the Quarantine Center, all released athletes in the safe zone must undergo antigen screening based on a negative RT-PCR test. The screening is organized by the Coordinator of the Quarantine Center (increasing the level of protection of the health and safety of athletes, applied from 28.01.2021 based on the occurrence of COVID-19 in the safe zone).
  • The movement of athletes within the common areas outside the sports grounds in the safe zone of the QCTA is OBLIGATORY WITH FACE MASK/FFP2 RESPIRATOR (The obligation to wear respirator FFP2 has been introduced as of 8 March 2021 in all shops and public transport, and in the interior as of 15 March 2021 (except for households) – even after the antigen screening taking place on the fifth day after the arrival into the QCTA/ As far as the situation allows, athletes outside the sports grounds need to keep a minimum distance and create groups no larger than 6 people
  • Allowing the movement exclusively within the hermetically sealed space of the QCTA. In case of leaving the QCTA safe zone, it is necessary to re-pass the mandatory entrance examination (RT-PCR test) and mandatory quarantine.
  • The movement of athletes in the common areas of QCTA and on sports grounds is limited only to the reserved time 06.00 – 22.00, outside this time it is obligatory to stay in the assigned rooms.
  • The entire regime of operation of the QCTA with stricter security measures will be supervised by the Coordinator of the Quarantine Center. In addition to the coordinator, the athletes will have at their disposal other employees in direct contact, namely the QCTA receptionist and other staff (e.g. sports venue operators, restaurant staff, cleaning service, technical and operational staff).
  • Upon arrival at the QCTA, athletes will receive an electronic identifier (card or watch with a chip), with which they can access their accommodation, individual facilities and sports grounds on the basis of their reservations and set permits for specific entrances. Such systematic access to areas will ensure the coordination of the movement of athletes and thus the overall compliance with the stricter regime and rules within the QCTA.

Setting up the full-board regime within the safe zone of QCTA after a negative result of RT-PCR examination

Meals will be provided within the Olym-Pick restaurant, which covers an area of ​​945 m2, where athletes can choose a quality and nutritionally balanced diet according to their own taste from a wide range of dishes. An all-day “take-away point” will also be set up within the Quarantine Center in case of a request for snacks and drinks outside the catering regime.

Instructions for the Quarantine Center – safe zone for eating:

  • Minimization of service personnel who come into direct contact with athletes. Necessary restaurant staff with protective equipment (face mask/FFP2 respirator and gloves), food is served from the counters with protective cover a staff has a sufficient distance from athletes.
  • Method of cooking. Strict adherence to HACCP principles, i. good manufacturing and hygiene practices, which form and create an appropriate framework for a system of critical points in food production and handling. Preparation of food provided within a closed kitchen and transfer of hot food provided in thermal containers in a strict hygienic regime by staff without contact with athletes.
  • Recommended 2m distances between visitors. Recommendation of only one person at the table, so that at least 2m distances between visitors is observed.
  • Ensuring that visitors are informed about hygienic principles. Hands must be washed before eating, after handling waste and trash can, after cleaning the nose, coughing and sneezing – when coughing and sneezing, the mouth cannot be covered with the palm, it is important to use a tissue, which must be thrown in the trash immediately after use.
  • Setting up the method of delivery, receipt and acceptance of goods with a view to minimize the possible contamination from the external environment. Suppliers enter the QCTA premises at the allotted time and the goods are stacked on the ramp without contact, they are taken over by the staff without direct contact with the athletes.

Setting up the mode of use of sports grounds within the safe zone of QCTA after a negative result of RT-PCR examination

The Olympic training center includes several sports venues for professional athletes and sports teams, with opportunity to train for 26 Olympic sports. In addition to protection against the surrounding environment, all outdoor and indoor sports grounds form separate isolated units, which are equipped with a security entry card system, which allows us to set up access only to specific people to comply with the rules of using sports facilities in stricter mode.

Instructions for the Quarantine Center – a safe zone within sports grounds:

  • Access to all sports venues is systemically set up in such a way that, within the stricter security regime of the QCTA , it can ensure controlled entry to the relevant sports venue. Coordinator of Quarantine Centre will be available to the athletes 24 hours a day at the reception as well as on the telephone number available from the hotel room for possible booking of sports grounds and additional services. The coordinator will reserve and confirm the entry to the sports grounds for individual athletes, so that the rules of using the sports ground in a stricter regime (i.e. the maximum capacity at the sports ground) are observed. A schedule of the use of individual sports grounds will be available in a visible and accessible place within the reception.
  • Athletes will enter the sports grounds independently (or accompanied by a coach, team) on the basis of the system by an entry card (watch or wrist electronic identifier) ​​in a allocated time.
  • At the sports ground, in compliance with stricter safety rules (not creating groups outside the permitted training sessions, gathering and keeping a distance), athletes performing a sports activity / training will be able to move without protective equipment (face mask/FFP2 respirator).
  • Forced air exchange is ensured on all indoor sports grounds. Within the pools, chlorination is ensured by an automatic dosing system and automated regulation and detection by sensors directly in the technology, operationally duplicated by manual measurements by technicians on a daily basis.
  • Within the individual sports grounds, the operational staff is available in minimum number to ensure the on time solving of the requirements. In case of necessary contact with the athlete, QCTA staff is obliged to use a face mask/FFP2 respirator and maintain a minimum distance.