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New X-CARD – new advantages

As a reward for your loyalty, we have prepared a new product – starting June 01,
2018, it will let you enjoy our services and products without any worries. You will no longer have to worry whether you have any cash with you or look for the right card among the many cards in your wallet. With a single card, you can enjoy all of the benefits that are part of our offer. With your new X-CARD, it will be simple, fast and cashless. All you need to do is to charge it with any amount of credit and you can conveniently pay with a single card throughout the entire resort. Moreover, for every €100.00 you spend in one calendar month, you will automatically obtain a credit of €20.00 in the next month

The new X-CARD brings you the following benefits:

  •         Convenient cashless payment.
  •         Charge your X-CARD with any sum and you can use it for payments in the resort.
  •         Every time you spend at least 100 € credit we will credit your card with 20 €.
  •         You can simply get your X-CARD during your next visit to the x-bionic® sphere.

We believe that the new X-CARD will make you enjoy the services provided by x-bionic® sphere.