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FEI World Endurance Championship for Young Horses 2018 at x-bionic® sphere


Eight Slovak competitors, including the Supek trio

ŠAMORÍN – On 29 September 2018, x-bionic® sphere will host the World Endurance Championship for Young Horses in Šamorín and its surroundings. “We are very happy to welcome the world’s endurance elite at x-bionic® sphere. This is yet another significant event that will take place in Slovakia after the World Endurance Championship for Young Horses in 2014, European Endurance Championship in 2015 and FEI World Endurance Championship 2016. We are very proud and honoured that x-bionic® sphere was chosen as the venue, which is testament to the experience and professionalism of our organizing team. I strongly believe that we will present our resort and Slovakia in the best possible light,” said the event’s President, Richard Ungerhofer.

The race will start with entry veterinary inspections on Friday 28 September 2018 at 2:00pm, while the race itself will start on the Saturday at 7am. The riders will compete on a 120 km long course divided into four rounds (36 km, 36 km, 30 km and 18 km). The course will pass through the villages of Hamuliakovo, Dunajská Lužná, Kyselica, Báč, Horný Bar and Trstená. After each round, the horses will go through a veterinary inspection. There will be 51 competitors from 15 countries from all over the world.

Slovakia will be represented by eight riders – Zuzana Ciranová (with her horse KARMAH LE SOLEIL), Martin Gallo (EL SBAA I-2/BETTY), Mario Hoffmann (ROCK D ECUPILLAC), Dominika Kleinová (VICTUS S), Lucia Starovecká (HOSAM I-16 SK/KALA), Lucia Supeková (J S SIETE DE ORO), Lucia Supeková jun. (F C HUSEIN) and Michaela Supeková (RO VEDETTE).

We can look forward to a wonderful race. We Slovaks will have a competitive advantage, we know the track very well, it’s straight and fast. This will certainly encourage high speed and good racing times. For young horses, this can sometimes be a disadvantage. Let’s see what happens. Me and my mare will feel we have been successful if we finish the race in good shape,” said one of the most experienced Slovak riders Lucia Starovecká.

It is interesting that Slovak junior racers, the Supek sisters Lucia and Michaela, will compete with their mother Lucia. “We are looking forward to the race. Our whole team will come to x-bionic® sphere to support and cheer us on, so that we achieve the best possible result. We are so excited to compete at home in Slovakia,” said Michaela Supeková, who finished second at the summer World Junior Championship in Italy.


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