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Dr. Igor Bukovsky will give a lecture at Sport Food Festival.

On 8 September 2018, x-bionic® sphere will host the extraordinary sport event Sport Food Festival. In addition to the sport element, we will also pay attention to balanced lifestyles. Besides the cooking with our best chefs Fiorenzo Ricci and Alexander Ileš you can also look forward to the lecture of Dr. Igor Bukovský.

Since 1989, Dr. Igor Bukovský has devoted himself to the topic of healthy and reasonable diet in the prevention and treatment of diseases. He is the author of hundreds of popular educational articles, radio programs, TV shows and fourteen successful books. Contradictory information about nutrition follow us everywhere – what is the cause and how can we protect ourselves against the information chaos nowadays? Common sense has to prevail and therefore we are bringing a debate full of questions and answers concerning topics of your interests and concerns. The lecture will take place in the Tuli® Cinema and starts at 2:30 PM.