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Z dôvodu aktuálne stále platných hygienických nariadení a pravidiel Karanténneho centra pre vrcholový šport – sme pre verejnosť stále uzatvorení. Otvorená je prevádzka Farrier’s Steak House, konkrétne exteriérová terasa. Ďakujeme za pochopenie, o ďalších zmenách vás budeme informovať.

Due to current regulations, in addition to the Quarantine Center for Top Sports, we are opening the terrace of the Farrier’s Steak House restaurant (find out more in the Restaurants section). Thank you for your understanding, we will keep you informed of changes.



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Quarantine Center for Elite Sports Šamorín Ensuring the continuity of safe sports training during the current uncertain situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic Thanks to the joint initiative between the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee and the Olympic Training Center, a Quarantine Center for top sports was established in Šamorín with the aim to help […]

Changes in x-bionic® sphere effective from 15.10.2020 Dear visitors, Despite our effort to provide services through this difficult times and based on the pandemic regulations effective from 15.10.2020, we are forced to close or limit our operations as follows : Closed operations for public : accomodation services in X-BIONIC® HOTEL Restaurants Olym-Pick, Farrier’s, Golden Garden as well including  […]

Výnimočné večere v Golden Garden

Dinner at the Golden Gate with a wine tasting Make a reservation for a unique evening combining the flavours of delicious food and unique wines from the Csernus Winery as soon as possible. Chef Peter Gogaľ and the owner of the Csernus Winery will keep you company during the dinner on 14 March 2020 at […]

Vinárstvo Csernus a februárová zážitková večera v Golden Garden

Each month on a selected date you can enjoy an exclusive gastronomic experience combined with a wine tasting. During the dinner, you will not only satisfy all of your senses but also learn the secrets of the culinary arts. Our chef Peter Gogaľ will take you to the kitchen of our top-class restaurant and you […]

We invite you since 12th of November to taste our goose feast in Farrier’s Steak house. 800 g Confited goose liver, 16pcs potato pancakes, fresh bread 85€ 1,3,7 4 kg* Whole baked goose, 32pcs home made potato pancakes, stewed red cabbage 199€ 1,3,7  200 g “Sous vide” goose breast, stewed red cabbage, home made potato pancakes  21€  1,3,7 *approximate weight […]

From 8th to 11th November you can taste the special menu in Farrier’s Steak House prepared only by the occasion of INDOOR MASTER.   Starters Price Alergens 120 g Duck foie gras with “kuťa”, rosehip demi glace, homemade brioche 12,90 € 1,3,7 100 g Beef tartar, oily or dry fried bread 17,50 € 1,3,7 Soups 0,25l Beef broth, […]

From 26th to 30th September you can taste the special menu in Farrier’s Steak House prepared only by the occasion of Arabian Horse Festival.   Starters Price Alergens 120 g Buffalo mozzarella in herbal salad, variation of tomatoes, homemade baguette 8,60 € 1,3,7 110 g Gently smoked and marinated salmon, yolk foam, homemade baguette 6,50 € 1,3,7 […]

Dr. Igor Bukovsky will give a lecture at Sport Food Festival. On 8 September 2018, x-bionic® sphere will host the extraordinary sport event Sport Food Festival. In addition to the sport element, we will also pay attention to balanced lifestyles. Besides the cooking with our best chefs Fiorenzo Ricci and Alexander Ileš you can also […]