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Kickbox aerobics with the most famous Slovak fitness trainer Zora Czoborova

On 8 September 2018, x-bionic® sphere will host the extraordinary sport event Sport Food Festival. The sport part of the festival will be really varied, there will be professional instructors and trainers available so you could try yoga with Fredy Ayisi, body building with Zora Czoborova or Rubint Réka.
The kickbox aerobics with Zora Czoborova starts at 11 AM at the pool in the x-bionic® aquatic sphere. Kickbox aerobics is a combination of boxing, dancing and strength training.

Boxing builds power while the dancing makes the exercise graceful and sexy. The exercise focuses on toning and strengthening of all the muscles. Thanks to the alternation of fast and intense series of excercises with slower and less intense series of excercises you can burn up to an incredible 800 calories per hour, but also strengthen and define your muscles, improve endurance, flexibility and dexterity.
Kickbox aerobics benefits the cardiovascular system and can be real fun thanks to the amazing rhythmic music. We are looking forward to seeing you there.