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We are monitoring the conditions of the swim course very closely. Due to the combination of a low temperature, a strong current and drifting wood, we had to decide to cancel the swim in the river on SATURDAY.

This will mean that all triathlon events on SATURDAY will be moved to the 50m pool of the Aquatic Sphere.

SPRINT, OLYMPIC and TRYATHLON and the RELAYS on these distances will all swim 300m (6 lanes) with a rolling start (individual start  every 10 sec). Start times won’t be changed.

Also the swim training session (7.00-9.00) will be cancelled.



We expect the water temperature to increase and also we are working together with the authorities to reduce the current and remove the driftwood. There is a high probability that the swim course in the Danube has to be shortened, due to water temperature. But final decisions can not be made right now, as we foresee the conditions to change by the day and we have to evaluate the effect of the taken measures. More info will be given on Saturday after new measurements, but not before 12:00.


Weather forecast shows sun and 24 degrees C.