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The most exclusive equestrian event X-BIONIC® INDOOR MASTER

The end of the successful equestrian season at x-bionic® equestor sphere was dedicated to X-BIONIC® INDOOR MASTER. In one of the largest indoor riding halls in Europe, we welcomed close to 130 international athletes for a combination of CSI2* and CSI4* competitions.

The event culminated in the EUR 92,100 CSI4* Grand Prix on Sunday and was won by Polish athlete Jarosław Skrzyczynski. The first round went perfectly for seven competitors. The winner jumped parkour in 38.23 seconds. Second place was held by Dominique Hendrickx of Belgium with his horse Kannabis van de Bucxtale. Third place went to Katharina Offel with her horse JK Horsetrucksom Leasure Z, with a time  of 48.45 seconds, which unfortunately wasn’t enough to win.

Spectators admired the excellent abilities of both athletes and horses. Martin Fuchs, the currently 10th in the world ranking, represented Switzerland together with his colleague from the Tryon World Equestrian Games, Janika Sprunger. x-bionic® sphere has everything we need. The area is huge, the surface for horses is excellent and the indoor riding hall is beautiful. Everything is taken care of,” said Martin Fuchs. Other top names included World Equestrian Games participant William Whitaker from the UK and Olympic gold medallist and world champion Jeroen Dubbeldam of the Netherlands. Slovakia as the host country was represented by Andrej Hollý,Marián Štangel, Michal Žák, Sára Štangelová and Bronislav Chudyba, who was the only Slovak representative in the CSI4* Grand Prix with his horse Lester IX, which finished eleventh.The horse jumped excellently; however, we weren’t lucky. When you make a mistake at the last obstacle, it doesn’t feel good. But the race was excellently organized, the x-bionic® sphere is a great place for riders and horses. I’m always very happy to race here,said Chudyba.

CSI2* category was open to 60 athletes invited by the organisers. They jumped over 1.15 m and 1.45 m hurdles and the total subsidy was EUR 41,200. Grand Prix points were added to the FEI Longines ranking. The CSI4* division was open to 70 athletes with a total subsidy of EUR 92,100 in Grand Prix.