x-bionic® family sphere

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x-bionic® aquatic sphere

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Hop&Go Bikesharing X-BIKE

Through X-BIKE shared mobility, we want to make our resort more accessible to locals from the town of Šamorín and to show the beauty of this town and its immediate surroundings to our visitors. That is why we have initiated X-Bike in cooperation with our partners, bringing bike sharing Hop&Go to Šamorín for the first time.

You can rent an X-BIKE at one docking station and return it at a different one. Cruising the town has never been so fast, convenient and affordable. X-BIKE is available at docking stations directly in our resort, as well as in its vicinity and in the town of Šamorín.

How does it work?

How does it work?

  • Download the X-BIKE app via the App Store or Google Play

  • Use the same data as you use for your X-CARD account to log in to the application
  • If you do not have an X-CARD account, click on „REGISTER“ and you will be redirected to the registration form. After successful registration, it is necessary to top up the X-CARD credit with the minimum amount of € 5
  • After logging in to the X-BIKE application, you will transfer the required amount of credit from your X-CARD (deposit payment is not necessary)
  • Reading the QR code on the handlebars of the bike will unlock the bike
  • You can drive anywhere, even outside the x-bionic®sphere. After the ride, the bicycle must be parked and attached to the docking station.
  • At the end of the ride, park the bicycle at the designated location. You can find a list of docking stations here. To end the X-BIKE rental, lock the rear wheel lock lever by mechanically pulling it. The bike beeps once and it displays information that your bike has been successfully returned and is ready for the next rental. „

Docking stations:

  • Šamorín city center – by the shopping center
  • Bus station Šamorín
  • x-bionic® aquatic sphere
  • Farrier’s Restaurant
  • Hotel Kormorán
You will find the exact location of the docking stations directly in the X-BIKE application.


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